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Global response

Globalization has become a double-edged affair of both risk and opportunity. Every political decision goes beyond borders, and every corporation competes on a transnational market place. We help both political and economic actors to cope with today’s political risks and assess opportunities by scientifically examined and comprehensive analyses. 

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out of 100 are without employment — and therewith, Libya’s devastating economic situation appears as one of the worst consequences of its civil war since 2011. Although fighting between the country’s war factions has not ended yet, investors are already considering options how to rebuild Libya within a new political and legal context.

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After lifting international sanctions on Iran, foreign investments in the country are expected to rise. However, Iran is still suffering from international pressure and its struggle with Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Finally, Iran is confronted with a low-level insurgency of Balochi separatists in the southeast and minor tensions with Turkic Arzeris in the northwest.

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Providing basic facts

We compile constantly updated and validated political, economic, and social country data.

Scientific Analysis

We employ indicator based analysis, natural language processing and predictive modelling in collecting and evaluating data.

In-depth Risk Assessments

We provide assessments of crisis regions and political threats tailored to our customers’ requirements.

Identifying Trends

Get equipped with information about relevant trends affecting security, politics, and economy.

Reliable Forecasts

We provide robust forecasts and early warnings on future risks and their implications.

Creating Scenarios

Our analyses on potential future developments in crisis regions enable you to weight your business decisions.