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Big data and predictive analytics drive our political risk assessments. We use natural language processing techniques to filter thousands of news reports every day for relevant information. Combined with qualitative expertise, this enables us to provide timely security updates and comprehensive risk analyses. We have successfully worked with companies from the the insurance, manufacturing, logistics, and shipping sector to provide them with services that enable them to better understand their exposure to political risks.



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We provide you with customized updates on topics pertaining to your operations. Depending on your needs, our newsletters include updates on a spectrum of political and economic developments, such as social unrest, terror attacks or armed conflict. We do not leave you with a simple list of news. You can expect us to consider broader implications of the developments we report on.


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Our reports are tailored to your risk exposure, focusing on political, economic and other risk factors specific to your operations. They include historic information, an overview of recent events and an outlook for potential future developments. They are based on internal research as well as on our collaboration with security providers and other external sources.


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Comprehensive and easily accessible information is key to a time- and cost-efficient risk management strategy. Our tools enable you to receive regular updates on at-risk areas, thereby reducing your resource requirements in monitoring and identifying developments relevant to your operations. This information can be supplemented with our in-depth reports or regular newsletter updates.


Sicyon Risk Consulting was founded by researchers working at the Institute of Political Science at Bundeswehr University Munich (University of the German Federal Armed Forces). The founders of Sicyon Risk Consulting have a background in political science and data science and are experienced with research projects related to international security. We closely cooperate with partners from a computer science background.

Dr. Konstantinos Tsetsos

Project Management

Dr. Tsetsos has extensive experience in managing risk and security projects for private and public stakeholders as well as in political risk consulting. He is responsible for our internal project management. He also manages our external corporate affairs. As such, he ensures that all services we provide are tailored to our customers’ requirements.

Tim Tepel


Tim Tepel has explored the use of machine learning / deep learning methods for predicting security crises and gaining insights into factors that moderate political risks and drive political conflict. He leads the development of our predictive models.

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Do not hesitate to contact us – we are happy to answer all your questions by telephone, mail, or by personal contact. We help you to get a tailored selection of products, services, and solutions. Or, just stay in touch with one of our experts and keep posted about news, warnings and alerts, or other security- and risk-related information.